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Why Visors?

With a wife working as an Advanced Critical Care Practitioner on an Intensive Care Unit, I am constantly reminded and brought back down to earth with a sense of reality on what really matters.
With the current Covid-19 pandemic, nothing more brings this home than it does right now. Facing patients showing symptoms of the virus in the early phases of the outbreak without appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), particularly visor which act as a physical barrier, she rang me with a plea of help.

Not having available supplies to have a clean visor, staff on the unit cleaned a used visor, and we collected it that afternoon. By 6am the following morning we had de-constructed it, re-engineered it and created a prototype. This was tested that morning, tweaked and we went into production that day, delivering 100 that afternoon, less than 24hrs later to help keep the team protected.
After one of the consultants posted a message of thanks on Twitter, things changed dramatically, and we realised the extent of the PPE shortages within the NHS. A colleague of ours heard what we were doing and set up a gofundme page to help provide supplies to the NHS for Free. Corporate sponsors also got involved allowing us to cut red tape and get supplies to those that need them most urgently. Overnight our production facility was transformed.

It’s thanks to the people on the frontline of the NHS and other careworkers in the community that will help us get through this pandemic. They selflessly face this crisis daily. Our goal is to protect as many of those individuals, at cost, as we possibly can so that those daughters, mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, grandparents etc. can go back to their own families like my wife does to ours, safe and well.
We have ensured that the visors we produce are to the correct standard as we couldn’t send our NHS army in blue to fight this battle without the correct equipment, so we achieved British Standards Institute CE certification. We have to date (16th April) protected 350,000 individuals in just a few weeks. We will be protecting 1m more in the coming weeks, producing c.25,000 visors a day.

Thanks to global collaborations, we have shared our designs and technical know-how with over 30 countries, all producing our designs to help fight this pandemic on a global scale.
One of our core values is We Make It Better, and this time, We REALLY do aim to help make it better.

Thank you for your support in helping us fight this outbreak

Prime Group FaceGuard spec
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