Thank you for helping to saves lives!

Gary Dutton MBE Thank you Gary Dutton MBE for your £25k donation for PPE.

I only donate my money to medical causes.

Now is the worst medical emergency we have experienced.

The unbelievably wonderful people in the NHS should be helped by everyone as much and as often as possible. All the front line and support staff.

We must remember these people have been ignored too much, neglected too often and treated meanly and badly by one government after another.

Why the hell are we getting PPE gear into the country and then hapless government continue to lie to us regarding the distribution.

They say they are working day and night. They say, as soon as possible, they never give a real detail and dates. They claim credit if things are positive and blame others if things go wrong.

We keep hearing the statistics about numbers of people with the virus, had the virus, got over the virus etc, there is absolutely no way these numbers are accurate. How can they be. There is no real evidence as to who’s it had, who’s had it and got better, how long it lasts, etc etc.

There are tests which even I have discovered (alongside medical experts) and purchased, and given to top health professionals, these can tell within TEN minutes if a person has had the disease. This information is priceless. It means that doctors and nurses that show positive do not have to take time off work.

Why are the clowns in government not taking notice of this and other help that is available?

Is it balls, brains or both they are lacking?

It is time to stop talking and start walking the talk. You omnipotent, feckless bunch!

Perhaps if this current horror goes away, we will remember the ineptitude of the politicians of all parties. Maybe stop using our money on illegal wars, Chinese old age pensioners, tree hugging, global warming preachers and politically correct prats.

Get the priorities right first. Look after this generation.

We are supposed to be fifth richest country on earth. People are dying due to the lack of a few quid’s worth of ventilators.

God help the fifth poorest peoples

Good luck to all.

Gary H Dutton MBE CCMI